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Do i need a additional (EXTRA) / new fan?

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  • Do i need a additional (EXTRA) / new fan?

    Hi all...

    Well just today i finally solved my error's with the infamous nv4._disp error :) using windows 2000 with a 250PSU etc etc etc it all works hurrah ! :D

    Well... this is the point... when i opened the pc up today to install my tv card (system was same temp before installation ogf TV Card)... i felt the GFX card (GF3 ti200..) and it was VERY on the fan area hot... in one place it was VERY VERY hot and i moved my hand away to stop it from burning me.. in a few secounds... but after i touched it again it was ok..


    I put my hand @ the back of the air ventalation @ the back to check the air tamp from the air being pushed from the fan outwards.. well it seem's warm... and now... i put my hand on the side of the casing everywhere i touch is normal heat.. but when i put my hand were the GFX card is it is warm... does this mean i need a new/extra fan ???

    I dont want to damage my hardware i know that fan's are cheap and that i can get one easy but ... i just need to know do i need one and what one should i buy etc... and which will keep my system/hardare from damage and keep it VERY cool and not warm/hot

    BTW will this affect my system even if i dont get a extra/new fan?



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    The heat may become a problem during your summer. Try a side intake fan blowing directly over the cards to give them some cool air.
    BTW how many fans does ya case have? :?:


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      Ok I checked those pic's that ya emailed me and so ya don't have to mod ya case try an exhaust fan (80mm) at the place rear at the rear where a ready made place is provided and that should clear the hot air in that area quite well. ;)


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        Thanks Wiggo :)

        You da man... AGAIN! :D