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Problem with liquid cooling system?

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  • Problem with liquid cooling system?

    I got the Aquarius II liquid cooling system about three months ago and now my pump is starting to make really loud and obnoxious noises. Have any of you heard about this before? If I have to replace the pump any suggestions on what I should get to replace it?

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    If the system is only 3 months old, ring up the place you bought it from, tell them the problem and see if they can get a replacement in under warranty for you
    TweakTown SETI@home Team


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      I just emailed them but Im not so sure I will. If I dont get a replacement can you recommend a good replacement?


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        Thats the sound of a pump going to hell, although it will probably work for a while still the noise just gets unbearable IMO. If your only replacing the pump I'd recommend either a Hydor L30 or an Eheim 1250


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          you could maybe repair it... depens if you thrust yourself and if you can open the damn pump! If your willing to buy a new one, you have nothing to lose!


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            I looked at those two other pumps...they were both opaque. Does that mean you dont have to refill them?