I'mplanning on building my first computer and I'm trying to figure outas much as i can before i start.

I'vefinally decided on starting with the white tempered glass version ofthe Fractal Design R6.

Iwant to make all the exterior surfaces Chrome colored. The interiorwalls would be the original white of the R6 and as many parts thatare silver or chrome colored as i can find. I thought that if thecase was all painted the same silver or chrome color would beoverkill.

sofar i think i have three option:
1.find a local (Chicago) auto spray painting company and having thempaint the parts chrome colored. it would be better in qualityand color but i imagine it may be hard to find and expensive. i stillcan't find a good estimate of what this would cost.
2.use a good quality aerosol paint and do it myself. I have the roomand some skills in paint but i don't want to put all my time, souland money in a system that has just an okay finish.
3.there are some new spray paint systems for a chrome finish that use afew different finishes and really look good (check out this video
Aerosolpainthttps://youtu.be/c9-wFTUhpT4),but my concern is that they are much moreexpensive than regular spray paint, and i don't want to find out thati still have a part or two to finish and I'm out of paint.
iapologize for the long long post but i really want to make somethingspecial.