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Hall Of Fame - Spra-Mod - FINISH !!!!

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  • Hall Of Fame - Spra-Mod - FINISH !!!!

    Hello everyone

    I present non mod Who Will remain in the simplicity and sobriety while being white Efficient .

    In CE mod, non formwork is unoriginal With Scheduled layout and coat revisited That I could have done until now ...

    A watercooling been redesigned , I PAST flexible to rigid acrylic pay was unveiled BE ! When the formwork to Him serums made ​​of aluminum

    Color level, I 'm going on matte shades , Clear lacquer UN mat For The All That Either under protection by keeping the matte appearance.

    A slight redesign of serums case review in order to guarantee the right of Conduct project.

    The sera aussi duct section

    Photos before and after and pendant will animate this Small Worklog .



    Maximus V Formula


    16 Giga Corsair Dominator 1600Mhz Cas9

    Corsair HX850

    SSD Samsung Evo 250 Go

    Here is a version of the X - Haf revisited by me , Coolermaster would struggle to recognize I think although it still remains some things of Haf -X émoticône smile
    Here is my vision of modding , class, clean , and just stylish! I hope not to be too modest.
    Be kind with your comments this is my first mod !!!!
    28 Pictures is off to an idea of this project émoticône smile enjoy and share in a max please émoticône smile
    Thank you for following me , probably the next for new adventures in the world of modding .
    Sp- Mod.

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    Re: Hall Of Fame - Spra-Mod - FINISH !!!!