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Does Your Mid-Tower Rule?

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  • Does Your Mid-Tower Rule?

    Well, if it does, or even if it only has a unique aspect or two that you enjoy, PLEASE tell me about it! I am in the market for one in the very near future, and I am looking for suggestions.

    If your case rules, include the manufacturer and model #. If you could include one picture of it, I would appreciate that as well. Then just two or three unique aspects your case has that you are glad you have, but you can describe it in as much detail as you want. Including where you purchased it from is helpful as well.

    Being a Modder, My only 'factory' citeria is that it MUST have is:

    * At least (3) 5.25" bays.

    Other than that, I can add any other features I want on my own.

    Thanks for your help.

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    well a good bet is an in-win506 like i looks quite nice, is sturdy, no sharp corners, cheap and is quite spacious....and also has 3 5.25" bays...unfortunately i don't know where to get a picture from....
    btw the only drawback is there;s no front fan cradle...and u can't mod a hole in teh front bcos the LED's are down there...but it looks damn sexy :D


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      AOpen H600A ;)


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        I'm a bit confused you see I'm not sure if mine is a mid tower or a full size. What is the difference? Mine has 4 5 1/4's and 1 3 1/2 external and 3 3 1/2 internal. Now what else I've seen on both is the interior and spaciuosness. My case has no room above the power supply. There for the top of the mobo kind of interferes with the 3rd 5 1/4 drive bay. I've seen cases where the drive bays are quite a bit above the mobo and there is alot of room above the PSU. Is that a server type case? What exactly is mine. A full size or mid tower. Thanks


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          DS Midtowers have either 3 or 4 x 5.25" bays as Fulltowers have 6 of these. ;)


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            So my case is a mid-tower? :cry:

            Full size cases also have room above the PSU right?


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              Yes, room for a second power supply, easily.

              1 + 2 (5.25" bays) = Mini Tower
              3 + 4 (5.25" bays) = Mid Tower
              6 (5.25" bays) = Full Tower

              And then there are desktop cases which sit flat on the desk, and then there are a few exceptions, like giant server cases with wheels, and Cases with nothing but 12-14 SCSI CD-Rom's.

              Yes, it can be very confusing when everyone tries to describe their lines as 'server cases' or 'workstations' etc etc. :thumbs do


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                Remember me...zeradul...anyhow...where do you keep you Full Tower Zera?...that Shat must be big as fack...mine barely fits...and its a Mid Tower.
                - Damien


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                  Next to my desk.

                  Well, I have scoured the case sites, and I am down to this one.

                  Here is a review, with multiple pictures. Can anyone top this?

                  I plan to have this case a long time. But you still have time to make your suggestions! Please do so!

                  Thanks :thumb:


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                    heh well being mine is a cough:MID TOWER:cough :cry: I would recommend it to you but unfortuneatly doesn't make it anymore. They don't make any of there own cases as a matter of fact. They now mod antec towers and stuff. The entire wind tunnel series was terminated unfortuneatly. The only wind tunnel left is a wind tunnel 4 (or 3) and its not even the original version! :(


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                      What is the model of your case? Believe it or not, I can get any case that was ever made... used... ebay is an incredible thing.

                      So what model was it, and do you have a picture? Tell me the reasons why I might want to get your case.


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                        Well I'm not sure about the model number but it is called the Wind Tunnel Plus rev2 as stated in my profile. Not the wind tunnel plus but the wind tunnel plus rev2. The standard wind tunnel plus was a self build kit. Anyway in terms of options its probably a standard case I can't think of anything that would make it any better or worse then any other case. In terms of looks. They have the nicest looks I've ever seen. You also get good cooling as a bonus. When you don't have a delta black label in there, its not really that loud. I bought my case from for like 120 and the power supply (fortron source) for 55 but this was about one year ago. The fans in the case are as follows. One 80MM exaust fan on top, one 80MM exaust fan in the back below the PSU, dual 92MM intake fans on the side panel, one 80MM intake fan in the bottom front, and dual 35MM intake fans for the hard drive.


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                          That Antec case looks alot like mine...two 80mm in the front and two on the back...4 5.25 and 2 external 3.5 and 4 3.5 internal. They have one at newegg for 70 bucks, black or white...with a 420 Turbo Link PSU. Don't think the white is in stock.
                          - Damien


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                            What model is that Flaco?

                            Is there a version of that model without a door? And does it have any accessory connections on the front?


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                              Your case is refered to by many names. It is called a Chenming, Chieftec, Antec, etc etc

                              They are the best cases I have seen lately. The are solid, very thick gauge metal. They have adequate fans, and I have seen them with really cool windows mods etc.

                              If anyone knows where I can find one of these Chenming clones that is a full tower with no door and is black in color, I would be forever in debt to your web surfing excellence.

                              **Alienware is also using this case model**