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Some PC-A51 watercooling questions

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  • Some PC-A51 watercooling questions

    Hi, I'm looking at buying one of these and I'd like to know a couple of specific measurements, please.

    Firstly, how thick of a 280mm radiator can the case take at the top, along with allowing 25mm for attached fans?

    Secondly, how much room above and below the front 140mm fan mount is there for potentially mounting a 140mm rad in that space. Something like the Alphacool It needs maybe 25mm above or below for the pipe fittings. I'd have to put a fan either side in push/pull to avoid the wiring for the case's power button but it looks like the space above and below is about the same.

    I'd love to put a watercooling system in a smaller case like this. Any advice gratefully received.

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    Re: Some PC-A51 watercooling questions

    "1) total 60mm for thickness
    2) the front 140mm fan can't be installed a 140mm radiator, not enough space

    I think that means on top, you have (60mm-25mmfan=) 35mm space for rad. Does that seem right for it? I hope so.
    Lian Li is conservative in measurements. That does not mean you can't mod it to fit a rad in front :)
    Let me know how it goes, and I want to see what you end up fitting inside.