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PC-Q18 LED not working?

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  • PC-Q18 LED not working?

    Hi All! This is mainly directed towards Lian Li tech support.

    I recently purchased a PC-Q18. I can turn on the computer using the front panel power switch (so far I have only booted into the BIOS), but when the computer is on, the front panel LED does not light. I am using an MSI H97I AC motherboard.

    The front panel connectors are plugged into the header on the motherboard, with "POWER LED" attached to the board's "POWER LED +" pin, and "GND" attached to the board's "POWER LED -" pin. The HDD LED connector is also plugged into the header with "HDD LED +/-" attached to the board's "HDD LED +/-" pin, respectively. There is nothing connected to the board's RESET SW pins (since the case has no reset switch).

    Is it possible that the LED connectors are backwards? Is it safe to check by reversing them?

    I have noticed that the switch/LED part is removable. If it is found to be defective, is it possible to get a replacement part? I can provide pictures if necessary.

    Thank you!

    EDIT: I would also like to note that the color of the wires suggests the opposite polarity from the arrow on the connector (i.e. the white wires are labelled as "positive" (with the arrow) and the colored wires are labeled as "negative/ground" (no arrow)).

    EDIT 2: Okay, I got it working. The LED pins were indeed backwards. I'll leave this up in case someone else runs into the same confusion. The arrows on this case's front panel connectors were pointing to the negative wires, not the positive ones.
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