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T-LM25B-1 or similar product availability

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  • T-LM25B-1 or similar product availability

    I have the Lian Li PC-7FNWX case. Or well, it's in the mail.

    Now that I've moved to Haswell, I'd like to improve the cooling of the CPU quite a bit due to well-known heat issues. The T-LM25B-1 top radiator mount seems to be a decent fit for coolers such as H110 or Kraken X60, but it isn't available anywhere. It also has USB 2.0 ports put into it, but if I'm guessing it right, I could just change the ports with the ones already featured in the case.

    A 240mm (120 x 120) would be enough as well. Though when I'm looking through the website, it seems that most of the top covers are discontinued, although the case itself isn't.

    Do I have any options, save for modding?