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  • PC-Q29 availability


    I just found out about the PC-Q29 case when I saw it at a german online-shop.
    Sadly, I couldn't find out when it will be available.

    I originally wanted to go with the Q11, but like the look of the Q29 better and also think that it might be easier to cool with a 140mm fan in the bottom and the hot air rising upwards.
    I would go with the Q27, but I want to put an ASUS GTX670 Mini in there and that needs two expansion slots.

    Could you tell me when I will be able to buy this case in Germany?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    I think the case would be even better if i could mount two 2.5" drives in the front.
    It does look like they would fit if they were in an upright position.

    EDIT: In case anyone else is interested in the case, I just found a nice review here:
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    Re: PC-Q29 availability

    Hi Moben,

    The case will be available to buy in Germany and the rest of Europe near the end of 2013. The link you see if from mainland china, for this model it was available there first.