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PC-Q01 Mini-ITX Prototype - Give Us Your Feedback

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  • PC-Q01 Mini-ITX Prototype - Give Us Your Feedback

    Hey Guys,

    We are working on a prototype Mini-ITX case, and we would love to hear your feedback. Tell us what you like and/or dislike as well as ideas you have. On to the case...

    The chassis, PC-Q01, has a fully aluminum construction, and is designed to be a small office PC and/or light gaming rig. It comes from the same line of design as the PC-Q07. What the PC-Q01 adds is more space for hardware compatibility (holding up to two 3.5" and two 2.5" drives as well as double slotted graphics card up 210mm), and a L-shaped removable cover that makes installations much easier in space confined ITX systems.

    The PC-Q01 is mostly tool-less (featuring thumbscrews) as it is designed to be either passively cooled or to have a 120mm or 140mm fan to be placed on the cage floor.

    Below are some pictures for you to get an idea of the case. Take a look and let us know what you think.

    Removable L-shaped cover

    PC-Q01 with the panel off

    Front panel HDD mounts

    Scratch-free 3.5" and 2.5" drives mounted behind the front panel

    More scratch-free hard drives mounted to the case floor

    Fan mounted to the case floor (Taking the spot of the bottom HDDs)

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    Re: PC-Q01 Mini-ITX Prototype - Give Us Your Feedback

    I like the max power in the max compact case and I like Lian Li.
    But many times - to use a high-performance CPU - the problem is the location of the power supply.
    Use a SFX (80mm fan) and in that position, however, seems the best solution to ensure greater compactness and silence
    This is my current PC, into the PC-Q02 is difficult to place at the top a standard TFX power supply (80mm fan) (in order to have space for a higher cpu heatsink) but maybe in the PC-Q03 this is possible (I'm thinking...).
    Perhaps you could suggest this possibility also Lian Li and producing a heat sink specifically for this eventuality.
    Best Regards


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      Re: PC-Q01 Mini-ITX Prototype - Give Us Your Feedback

      Hi torr3nt,

      Nice PC-Q02. Yes, in the PC-Q03 if an SFX PSU is used there is a bit more room for CPU coolers.

      Regarding, the PSU over the MB tray, with this design, especially if we are to use an ATX PSU, there is a tradeoff between size and compatibility. In keeping the same dimensions there are some options: First, we can have an option for a SFX PSU, similar to the PC-Q03, and then try to offset it so that it does not impede the cooler or at least does allow for a little more room. Another, idea that was mentioned by a user was to switch the positioning of the MB tray so that the PSU would be positioned behind the tray, allowing for easier access to the components (including the cooler). The tray would be a removable one in this instance. However, in both these ideas an oversized CPU cooler would not be able to fit (nor is it the focus on this case). We do like the idea of being able to more easily accommodate decent-sized CPU coolers.

      Let me know what you think.


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        Re: PC-Q01 Mini-ITX Prototype - Give Us Your Feedback

        Hi Mr.Lian Li Tech!

        I state now that the PC-Q01 is too big for my systems, however, my suggestion was to consider the possibility to the use of TFX format:

        Or even for a case big as the Q01 groped to overthrow the typical SFX:

        [sorry for the bad picture collages]

        To have a removable tray for the mobo is always more comfortable than not having...

        Taking advantage of your willingness I might add a little criticism to Lian Li.
        Always chasing the maximum compactness, often eludes you that you could easily add on some chassis a slot for a discrete vga then letting the customer the opportunity to use it.
        This is true - for example - for your PC-Q12 [this is my mod - before Silverstone (!) build the beautiful ML05] or for the PC-Q09FN...
        It is true that the new APUs have good graphics power, but when you can (with very few design changes) preserve the possibility of using a vga ... it is always better
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