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PC-Q11 and Nvidia GTX760

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  • PC-Q11 and Nvidia GTX760


    I'm very much interested in the case PC-Q11 because of the small form and the very slick looks.
    But if I'm right the space for the GPU is only 240mm where as the 760 is 247mm. Since this small difference should it fit with a little but pushing and pulling?
    Or do you might have another case which is just a little bit bigger than the PC-Q11? I've looked but the next case in the line is PC-Q28 which is a pretty big step up.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: PC-Q11 and Nvidia GTX760

    Hi Xepos,

    240mm is the maximum size of graphics card allowed for the PC-Q11. Pushing and pulling will not help. :(

    You are correct, the next mini-ITX case up that would fit it is the PC-Q28, and there is a bit of a size and price difference between the two cases. However, if you can find some of the older models, such as the PC-Q08 and PC-Q18, your card will fit in there and you can probably get it for a lower price.


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      Re: PC-Q11 and Nvidia GTX760

      Ah oke thank you. Guess I'll be looking for another GPU or the PC-Q28