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X670 Aorus Master - very slow BIOS when RAM is hot

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  • X670 Aorus Master - very slow BIOS when RAM is hot

    Hi, my Aorus Master BIOS gets very slow when RAM is hot.

    Chipset and VRM temperature shouldn't be a problem, they get to about 50°C.

    I am not talking about the usual X670 slow boot time. What I get above that is very sluggish movement through BIOS with both arrow keys and mouse. Plus very slow boot time, it hangs on every screen for at least a minute, on DEL screen, on Aorus Windows booting screen (with the circle icon). And on top of the already standard 1 minute boot time if you change memory settings, that makes it a total of at least 3 minutes. But yesterday I also got to 15min, but there was a BSOD on first boot, so lets say 8min for one boot.

    My BIOS is F8a, I already tried F7 (10/06/2022) two times.

    But problem with F7 is also that 6000 CL36 doesn't work. In fact only 4800 works. If I set 5200 CL36, it boots, but hangs on black screen after reboot. Everything more than 5200 doesn't boot even the first time.

    My RAM is:

    Actually only one stick, one was bad. But good one passes Karhu 2h+ and Coverage 8000%, and official site says 6400% should be enough.

    Boot time from BIOS exit to Windows login screen:
    yesterday evening - 3min 25s, RAM module temperature 44.3°C
    this morning - 1min 8s, RAM module temperature 38.5°C

    Is this normal behavior for this board?