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gigabyte brix-bace 3160 - ta?ma sata hdd

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  • gigabyte brix-bace 3160 - ta?ma sata hdd


    maybe I will find people who have encountered a similar problem.
    I have a mini PC gigabyte brix-bace 3160, the sata drive tape (10 PIN, 1cm wide) has been damaged.

    I searched the internet, a lot of forums, a lot of topics, substitutes, aliexpress, Allegro, amazon, etc., unfortunately I did not come up with a specific answer and a specific replacement.

    I contacted gigabyte support, they told me that they have 1 pc for $ 20 (cosmic price), if I am desperate to buy, but the cost of this type of tape is a maximum of 5$ ...

    Has anyone met / has / knows something?

    thanks in advance for your help.