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INF & IMEI updating question

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  • INF & IMEI updating question


    Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.
    There are a few things I don't understand when looking at the CHIPSET driver list for my mobo. I am running Win 10 64bit.

    I am sorry, but my jpg images would not attach.

    1. Are the INF files and IMEI files completely independent of each other? Meaning, I can install any combination?

    2. What does a note like this mean exactly? "(NOTE) Win 10 ver.1903 supported."

    3. Does the note at IMEI v11.7.0.1054... "(NOTE) Please update the latest BIOS for ME Firmware before installing this driver. Update Intel ME for security vulnerabilities" mean that I would have to be using at least BIOS ver. F21 to use this version of the IMEI. Also, this note is not listed with any later IMEI versions. Am I to assume that the note is valid from that point forward?

    Thanks, Sylvester1

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