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Can't turn on TPM on Gigabyte Z77P-D3

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  • Can't turn on TPM on Gigabyte Z77P-D3

    Hey guys, I bought a TPM module for this motherboard. The "new" setting in the BIOS (Trusted Computing) shows up . I am able to turn TPM SUPPORT to Enable. However, TPM State remains Disabled even after turning it to Enable, saving, and rebooting. It just reverts back to Disabled.
    What can I do to fix this issue? Some have recommended to disable CSM and set everything to UEFI Only. Well, I did that, and nothing changed. I didn't expect it, either, but there you go. What could I be doing wrong? Is there any expert on this motherboard out there that could shed some light on this issue? I just want the TPM 2.0 module to be up and running.