Hello Everyone,

Since 2017 i am using my computer with no issue.
Windows updated, all drivers updated, software updated too
Yesterday i go in the bios and activate the secure boot (for W11).
Since this moment when i try to start my computer this one start during 5sec then reboot 5sec reboots etc

no bip
no error message on screen
and no warranty

i try to remove bios pile wait second and retry to start (with the pile back) => same result bootloop
i try to use the cmos to reset the bios (waiting more than 30min with alim out from the MB )=> same result bootloop
i try after removing graphic card and ram => same result bootloop
i try with no graphic card no ram and no fan => same result bootloop

i don't know how to access to the bios again to reset the settings

Do you have any suggestion help to provide me ?
I really appreciate to resolved this issue.

If i can provide you more information let me know