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Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC - fans ramping up and stopping

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  • Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC - fans ramping up and stopping

    When my PC is at idle and GPU temperature reaches 61*C the fans turn on, but instead of running at constant speed they ramp up to 900-1400 RPM and then stop. They start and stop, start and stop, over and over again every second. They do that until GPU cools down to about 52*C. It's very unpleasant to the ear, they also make knocking sound when ramping up and down which makes it even worse.

    Here is a screenshot from GPU-Z:

    When you look at the Fan Speed RPM you can see how they go constantly go from 0 to 900-1400RPM.

    Here is what it looks like when I set the fan speed manually to 45%:

    Here is me changing the fan speed slowly by 1% starting from 30%. As you can see as I increase the fan % the frequency at which the fans spin up and down increases. When I reach 50% fan 2 starts spinning and fan 1 starts spinning at constant speed around 52% (~640RPM). Then I start slowly decreasing the speed. When I reach 42% fan 1 starts going up and down again, and fan 2 joins at 40% when they reach about 400RPM.

    This is all in silent BIOS, but in OC BIOS same thing happens, just at different fan % since silent has max speed at around 2200 RPM and OC has it at 3000RPM.

    This is not normal is it?

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    I've made a mistake in the title, but can't find a way to edit the post (is there?). It is a 3080 Ti Gaming OC (GV-N308TGAMING OC-12GD)