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Gigabyte Aorus Master Rev 1.2 - Upgrade chipset thermalpad to thermal paste? High temps?

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  • Gigabyte Aorus Master Rev 1.2 - Upgrade chipset thermalpad to thermal paste? High temps?

    I've a Gigabyte Aorus Master Rev 1.2 and I've noticed that the chipset is getting quite hot.
    There are two readings in hwinfo for the temperature.

    When gaming say red dead redemption 2 I get 75C on one and 90C on the other temperature reading. (I guess one is a sensor in the chipset die and another is just placed around it)
    While my VRM temps get to around 62C.

    I was reading that the board does use a thermal pad on the chipset instead of thermal paste.

    Would you guys recommend swapping that out to proper thermal paste?

    Also there are thermal pads on the back of the board too, should I upgrade those too maybe?

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    Well nobody answered so I'll just tell you how it ended..

    By factory the Aorus Master has a thermal pad on the chipset, which seems to be totally terrible!!

    As stated, my chipset was getting 90 degree C while gaming, on the silent chipset fan profile.

    I've removed the thermal pad and replaced it with arctic silver 5 thermal paste.

    Now same gaming scenario leads to max 68 degree C on the direct die chipset temperature sensor.

    Meaning a 22 degree C improvement!!!

    The other chipset sensors shows now also max around 60C.


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      Yes I have noticed that. There thermial pad is poor, Or it was not getting a good contact. For me it was just the nvme brick cooler. I replaced it with one with a fan. My nvme drives where hitting 86c and bottlenecking, but most my problem was a poor case poor air flow. Now better air flow with a better cooler on me nvme it hits 55c.

      My case is a nzxt h500 sweatbox


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