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Please help. Z590 Gaming X not booting

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  • Please help. Z590 Gaming X not booting

    Hi, looking for help. Upgrading.

    Motherboard: Gigabyte Z590 Gaming X
    BIOS: F4d
    CPU: Intel 11700K processor with on-board graphics
    SSD: 1TB Gigabyte NVMe GP-GSM2NE3100TNTD M.2 SSD to load Windows 10 Home.
    RAM: old pair of HyperX HX421C14BK2/16

    Had initial CPU overheating issues. Upgraded to larger Arctic cooler. CPU temps now in low 40 C range.

    Disconnected all other drives, successfully loaded Win 10 20H1. Worked fine for a week, then I re-enabled Windows updates, and loaded the remaining Gigabyte drivers. The storage one, from memory.

    Now it won't even boot. The boot LEDs cycle, often stopping on the RAM, then back to CPU. Sometimes it get to the OS, but often not. I've reset the BIOS cache repeatedly, temporarily taking out the battery etc.

    I suspected the RAM, but it did work fine for a week. Now thinking I have somehow triggered a BIOS setting that's incompatible with the RAM. I don't want to overclock, just want a stable system.

    Any ideas? Downgrade BIOS, buy new RAM? Pray?

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    Are you using your ssd in the wrong m.2 slot. Z590 is a PCIE 4.0 board and the primary m.2 slot almost certainly will not work with your processor. Reference link Website


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      after almost getting nuts not being able to boot my new build, I switched video cable to DP 2 HDMI and it started to work. I guess I'd be missing some benefits with this cable?

      But DP to DP gives me 5 beeps and no boot.

      I upgraded my MB, CPU and RAM. Kept the same LCD, GFX and cable (not low end) between which worked well on old MB, hence suspecting MB playing the cards here?

      LG 27GL850-B with EVGA GTX 1070 FTW just do not work on DisplayPort cable preventing PC to even boot. check techy desktop


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        How good is the 3070?

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