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Z590 Vison D - Issues (xmp, bios, slow post, shutdown/poweron)

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  • ezflma
    I may have responded, but had same problems on my Z490 Vision D with RKL chip using F20 bios. Reboots, cursor on the screen when trying to boot, etc. it would take the board 2-3 times to successfully boot. Tried reseating the processor, clear the cmos, etc. no luck. My board was rock solid with an i7-10700K for months using F7c. I replaced the CPU with an i9-10850K and downflashed to F7c again. No issues for 2+ months. I know it doesn’t help your case, but report it to GB tech support. I don’t know what the heck is happening. Sorry it’s happening to you.

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  • Z590 Vison D - Issues (xmp, bios, slow post, shutdown/poweron)


    I bought a Z590 Vision D, and it has some very strange behaviors:

    1. Every time I turn off the power supply (PSU), when I turn it on again, the motherboard turns on, a few seconds later it turns off and on again and then loads Windows. Is it normal for this to turn on, off and on again?

    2. To access the BIOS (DEL) or boot menu (f12), it is extremely slow, it says "Entering boot..." or "Entering setup...". After about 25~30 seconds the BIOS or Boot menu opens.

    3. I can't at all enable XMP, not even with lower frequencies than my memory supports. (I have 2 kits of 16Gb (4x16Gb) from Corsair, model Dominator, 4000Mhz - the box says 'Intel certified').

    4. When I try to enable XMP, regardless of lower frequencies, the board cycles on and off in an infinite loop. I need to turn off the PSU and then turn it back on.

    My setup: i9 10900k, 2080ti, 4x16Gb, Corsair HX1200i.

    I've already tested:

    1. Update several BIOS versions (all available on the GB website and those available here on the forum);
    2. Replace PSU, GPU, CPU;
    3. Try with 1, 2, 3 and 4 ram modules;
    4. Tested with other more "generic" ram memories.

    The behavior is always the same, the problems remain.

    Some help? Is the card really defective or is it still BIOS issues and a "very new" product?

    Example videos:

    Gigabyte Z590 Vision D - Power On after off/on PSU [ON,OFF,than ON again] + Completing POST - 40s

    Gigabyte Z590 Vision D - Power On + Entering BIOS - 27s

    Gigabyte Z590 Vision D - Power On + Entering Boot Menu - 29s

    Thanks :)