I have been experiencing this issue with x570 Aorus Master where if trying to wake up from sleep, no matter if I press the keyboard, the mice or the power button, the system fan will go full rpms and there's no display signal or anything I can do, not even pressing the power button for a while. I have to unplug the PSU or turn off its switch, and even then the power button will display its lights for five seconds or so. The debug code is 21.

I'm tired of trying solutions, because I've already tried them all: Windows clean installation, different Nvidia Drivers, different BIOS versions, different power plans and options, different BIOS power options, and who knows what else. The Gigabyte board/Bios is clearly the one to blame but I don't know in which way. Maybe the board isn't able to supply the right amount of power to CPU or GPU after sleep.

Gigabyte has to address this issue now because it's simply not convenient to turn off the system each time you are not going to be working on it.