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High VRM temps when overclocking x299 Designare EX - any advice?

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  • High VRM temps when overclocking x299 Designare EX - any advice?

    I'm getting high VRM temps that set off the 90º temperature alarm when I run certain heavy loads on my x299 Designare EX-based system.

    The build is with a core i9-7980X which has been delidded, TIM replaced with liquid metal, and binned stable at 4.5 GHz by Silicon Lottery
    My cooler is a Corsair H150i RGB Pro XT 360mm AIO.

    My overclock is per Silicon Lottery's binned spec:

    4.5GHz Clock
    1.125V Vcore
    -3 AVX Offset
    -5 AVX512 offset

    I'm using Enhanced Multi-Core and Energy Efficient Turbo so my system only revs up to 4.5 under load. Most of the time it's running slow, silent and cool.

    Even at load, the CPU runs cool with temps in the 70s and 80s. Maybe sometimes peaking at 90, but never staying there.

    But certain loads, like FFmpeg transcodes will send my VRM temps thru the roof, peak the fan and set off the alarm.

    I thought this motherboard had VRM temp problems under control. In fact, I posted a thread on Gigabyte's x299 forum a while back because I didn't understand why the fan curve was set to only kick in at around 90º. It turns out the reason is because VRMs are supposed stay cool on this MB.

    Here's some pics of what's happening and what my OC is in BIOS:

    Any suggestions on how to get my VRM temps under control? If I remove the OC and go back to my default CPU BIOS settings, I can run FFmpeg without the temperature alarm. But this OC is not aggressive. It's stable, and the CPU is running cool and unthrottled. I'm concerned about the VRM alarm and don't want fry my board. What should I do?

    Any advice much appreciated, thanks!