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  • B550i Pro AX USB

    It seems that
    - the two case front header USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen1) are B550 chipset connected
    - the red and type C Gen 2 ports are B550 chipset connected
    - the remaining four 3.1 Gen1 rear ports are CPU connected

    Problems happen if all of one "group" above is used at the same time - i.e. both front panel USBs, or the red and the type C, or all 4 rear ports together. An example is the mouse lagging or disappearing when both front ports are used together

    Therefore I suggest using only one front port, and either the red or the type C, and max 2 or 3 rear gen 1 ports at the same time and to spread devices among these "groups".

    Also the Xbox wireless USB receiver seems to prefer the red Gen 2 connector only.