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B550i Pro AX won't boot with 6900XT installed

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  • B550i Pro AX won't boot with 6900XT installed

    So, I built a new system using the Aorus B550i Pro AX motherboard and managed to get my hands on a 5600X and a reference 6900XT, the problem I have is that when I try to install the 6900XT I'm met with 1 long beep and 3 short ones. Searching the net I've tried everything that I've found to no avail. The system just doesn’t boot up but everything shows as running, by that I mean the case fans are running as are the fans on the 6900XT.

    A few things that I can confirm are as follows:

    I've reseated the GFX card multiple times
    I've reseated the RAM at least twice
    I've tried different RAM in the system
    I've reset the BIOS (Cleared CMOS)
    Tried the F10 and F11 BIOS
    Tested the 6900 XT in another system and it worked
    The PC that contains the B550i Pro AX also works, at the moment I have a cheap Nvidia card in there (Geforce 710) and it boots without issue.
    I'm using a Corsair Platinum SFX750 PSU so that’s plenty power for the card.
    Tried diffent PCIE power cables from the PSU to the 6900XT
    The board is on the latest BIOS (F11)

    I'm dumbfounded, I have zero idea what’s going on, the way I have things setup everything should work but it doesn't.

    Anyone able to help or give a suggestion?

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    Have you tried forcing your PCIe x16 slot to Generation 3 in the BIOS? I've heard some people are having trouble using PCIe Gen 4 with the 5000 series processors.


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      Maybe you can boot with your GeForce 710 and try to set PCI-e speed to Gen 3 in stead of the default Auto setting and install your 6900XT again to see if it will boot.


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        Do you use a risercable? Maybe this does not work with pcie 4.0 and then you get your fault.
        I have the same mainboard and card and with my old riser the same Problem.


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          L!ME what was the name of the old riser card and of the new one?