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X570 Aorus - USB and integrated audio issues when running PCIe Gen 4.0 GPU

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  • X570 Aorus - USB and integrated audio issues when running PCIe Gen 4.0 GPU

    Checking to see if anyone here (especially from Gigabyte) can provide insight into when we might see a fix for this issue. Any suggestions or updates would be appreciated. The number of cases of this issue seem to be increasing readily as people upgrade to PCIe Gen 4.0 GPUs.

    Issue: I have two different systems, both with Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra motherboards (one rev 1.0 and another rev 1.1). After upgrading the video cards in these systems to NVIDIA 3000-series cards, I get mouse stuttering, webcam glitching, and integrated audio crackling when sharing/capturing a screen (e.g., Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Camtasia, Microsoft Stream). Manually setting my PCIe to Gen 3.0 in the BIOS prevents the USB and audio issues. A recent BIOS update added support to set my X16 PCIe Gen independently from other devices (e.g., NVME), which is great. However, I would like to see my X16 at Gen 4.0 (even if the performance difference is negligible).

    I opened a support ticket with Gigabyte nearly two months ago. This has been a slow and frustrating support process with no suggestions from Gigabyte on how to resolve the issue.

    Here are links to a couple of the more active threads on the issue:Some speculation I hear is that a future Gigabyte BIOS with AGESA might resolve this issue. I have no idea if this is really the case or just wishful thinking.