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B550 Aorus Master - Cold Boot Problem with OC

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  • B550 Aorus Master - Cold Boot Problem with OC

    I currently have the System running stable with 5800X, IF 1900 and RAM 3800 CL16.
    But as soon as I take the Computer from the net, it either takes long to boot, or it hangs and another reboot brings it to boot.
    I currently have the BIOS F11j installed.
    IF1800 with 3600 CL14 does not have these Problems.
    Rarely I hear 3 beeps sound, that must be a Problem with RAM.

    Are there any Settings that can fix these startup Problems ? or hope for better BIOS ?

    Thanks for any suggestion

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    Did set the voltages for VDDP & VDDG from my manual to auto + ProcODT to 53.3. Now it starts without delay.


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      i did this and vddp and vddg are always auto on XFR ENHANCMENT tab in the new bios the pc boots normally and when i plug off electricity from the pc and trying to run it next morning it fails to boot and the bios reset
      i have come cross avideo talking about that the latest gigabyte bios wouldn`t run below cl 18 for high speed memories so there is something broken need to be fixed with that gigabyte