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Gigabyte Aero x570 Aorus Master rev 1.2 compatibility with AMD Ryzen 5800x

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  • Gigabyte Aero x570 Aorus Master rev 1.2 compatibility with AMD Ryzen 5800x

    Hey There,

    As the subject states, whats the initial compatibility between:
    • Gigabyte Aero x570 Aorus Master rev 1.2
    • AMD Ryzen 5800x.

    Configured a new setup from parts this evening but cannot pass POST - the mobo LCD ends up with code "07" or "D7", depends on how you read the letter codes...

    Figured I need to update the BIOS, tried to QFLASH Plus with USB with Bios version f31.e
    • 1st attempt with CPU and all plugged in... the QFlash light flashes but system doesn't restart once flashing finishes
      • Subsequent start up the same
    • 2nd with CPU taken out, flash completes and the system turns off (didn't auto reboot ... to then update the backup bios??
      • Subsequent start up the same...
    Now attempting with Bios version f30 (rather than the newer f30e)
    • 3rd attempt without CPU and usb with f30e - cannot get flash bios to start after multiple attempts... too tired..
    • 3rd attempt with CPU in... QFlash light flashes and system doesn't reboot once done flash complete (just iterates through main and backup bios lights and the infamous 07/D7 lights)

    I've given up for the evening, anyone had similar issues?


    ps. Video attached, apologies it wasn't a clean startup its just when it boot cycles between main and backup bios.... will retest tomorrow.

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    I had a similar issue last night with my QFLASH on by bios for the SAME board. - I was able to boot though after what I mentioned below.

    In order to QFLASH- i followed the steps of having only the BIOS files on my usb drive while renaming the bios from its originating name to GIGABYTE.bin, then placed my usb drive in to the white slot for BIOS updates on the back panel of the board.

    To that - I removed all peripherals along with any front panel connectors, all that was plugged in was the two 12v pin connectors and the 24pin connector to the board.

    In this state - the PSU was off, I held down the QFLASH button then flipped the PSU on. Once I noticed my USB stick was functioning, I released the QFLASH button then noticed that the mobo fan was running. This process took about 5 minutes then the system powered itself off - I then removed the USB drive and turned the PSU off again and proceeded to put all pieces of hardware and connect peripherals back in to the mobo.

    I hope this helps

    I went from a 3900x on a aorus elite to a 5900x to the same board as you. My struggles are now with the NZXT CAM software not recognizing the CPU the right way and my fans ... although on silent - running like I'm in a wind tunnel.

    Good luck!



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      Thanks Imags, resolved the flashing now. You have to remove all peripherals.
      My next struggles are BSOD!!

      Running stress tests so far found nothing, will run more overnight.