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Random reboot - X570 Aorus Xtreme + 5950X

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    I got same issue with 5950x, x570 Aorus Master, Ripjaws V 2x 16GB 3600, RTX 3090, 1000W PSU.

    I just seem to randomly get a black screen and reboot, had it during gaming and had it while simply browsing the internet.

    I've tried resetting BIOS setting, reinstalling chipset driver, changing power plan to balanced, changing PBO settings. The last is my latest in efforts to fix it, no restart yet but I saw WHEA error 19 appear still. The OS installation was already clean when I got the CPU/MB.

    Hoping BIOS update will fix it.


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      Same problem with X570 AORUS MASTER v1.0 and F31L with a 5950X. I had a 3950X and when I replaced it with a 5950X I started getting random reboots after 2-3 days while idle (not during a game). Using 4x8GB 3600 memory.


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        I flashed F31 this morning and fingers crossed, all looking good so far. No WHEA errors, which I would have had by now usually and no restarts today, of which I was typically getting 1/2 a day.
        Using all stock settings except XMP at 3600 and disabling hot swap for SATA.


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          Same issue.

          Got my new CPU just before Christmas but i fear its faulty (Reading on other forums , people have been RMA the CPU which seems to have resolved the issue)

          X570 Aorus Elite F31 bios (released yesterday) tried F30 also
          2x16GB Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX Black (3600) CAS 18-22-22-42 1.35V
          Palit GTX 1070TI (hopefully will upgrade to a 6800xt when i can actually buy one)
          Sabrent 1TB Rocket 4 plus
          SB AE-5
          Corsair H105 AIO
          SuperFlower Leadex GOLD 850W Fully Modular "80 Plus Gold" Power Supply

          Getting Random black screen reboots (at least 6 times a day , its very random), usually under light loads (browsing etc) and in games.This is with stock bios setting (load optimized defaults) and with XMP disabled (does not make any difference).Checking Event Viewer will show the whe 18 ,bus interconnect error (does not always report this on every reboot).

          The only way i am stable is a manual all core overclock to 4.5 @1.272 which is 100% stable with XMP on.Tested with cinebench (ran for two hours and gaming all day etc)

          Temps are fine with my Corsair H105

          I would have thought it should be stable with stock bios settings.I upgraded from a nice and stable 4770k so this is a bit of a let down.Not sure if i should RMA the CPU or wait for a Miracle bios fix?

          I have Tried turning of the c-state did not help , i spent way to much time trying different bios options over Christmas , on the bright side i have learnt a lot regarding these new AMD CPU's.Last AMD CPU i had was the FX chip i think Circa 2010.

          Also when i initially set up everything with stock bios settings , and ran cinebench for 2 hours it was stable (with XMP on) its only when i started to do light tasks like browsing and some gaming i started to see the instability.Even starting steam caused it to black screen and reboot! Another fix that worked was to disable PBO which is not ideal.

          I am hoping a new bios with AGESA will fix these instability issue people are having , noticed MSI have released a Beta for there boards....


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            I'm still seeing random reboot when monitors are in standby on the latest F31 bios (the second F31). If I have a game running it can run for hours no issues but once the monitors shutoff it is a matter of time before the system restart. This is sounding like people are needing to RMA their CPU? WTF

            P.S. for RMA do I need to contact the seller or AMD direct?


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              Yeah , this is a weird one and its happening to me. With it normally resetting in such a low powered state, I can see a microcode fix being implemented via a newer AGESA release. I like many others, are seeing reboots when idle or when the monitor has went to sleep. You can game for hours and be absolutely fine. Maybe the voltage is dropping too low for one of the cores and its creating an unstable session resulting in a reboot.

              Id be interested to see a poll on how many people are facing this issue using PBO and auto settings as opposed to those who are setting a fixed vcore on the CPU.