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Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master Rev(1.0) Overclocking i7 9700k

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    eagleeye404 Welcome.
    also will update this but in advance voltage set pwm and the other too 300hz and ext perf.
    Not sure were I see it but someone tested 300,400 and 500 and found 300 best.


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      I'm after a new case was thinking of the Phanteks Eclipse P500, At the moment my NZXT H500 was a sweatbox, until I modify it.


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        Hello can someone tell me how to configurate well my bios
        I use F11N bios version
        and i have always sometimes when i turn on pc, black screen no power to keyboard mouse or monitor, or sometimes error message "Load defaults and reboot" . I didn't make any overclocking stuff everything was default.

        I have also memory Kingston hx440c19pb3k2/16 , 4600 Mhz, but by default it is running 2400mh.
        How i can manage to support better or fix my bios not to crash like that.

        Memory slots are position: 1 and 3, also i try 2 and 4 but same..
        I use Intel i7-9700k, saphire FX 5700 Nitro +


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          First off, silly question but you do have the system temp sensor on the right header, seen people connecting to cmos by mistake?

          Memory wise that is a bit more tricky, can ask here


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            Gigabyte has given me a new RGB bios of the F11 from gigabyte e-Support Gk.F11

            If you havent updated yet I would stick with f11o gk as the new f11 final is unstable for some.
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