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RGB Fusion 2.0 causing BSOD in Windows 10 build 2004

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  • RGB Fusion 2.0 causing BSOD in Windows 10 build 2004

    Well, the title says it all. RGB Fusion 2.0 (version B20.0430.1) is causing BSODs in Windows 10 build 2004. It didn't back in 1909. I just wanted to make Gigabyte itself or any Gigabyte moderator aware that this needs to be fixed.

    My mobo: Gigabyte X570 AORUS MASTER.

    Click image for larger version

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    I have problem with a different board to you. This is the z390 master but not been fixed

    I've been having problem also with rgb, I can get the software to work, but it likes changing what I do. If I use the software my g.skil rgb go's glitchy. If I turn the top left header to like a scroll affect that can only be used on that header, it then stays on when pc switchs off just that header. With no software installed so default affects my g.skill rgb default scroll affect are out of sync by a sec to the other stick, I've tried all the memory slots. If i put the pc to sleep the rgb gets confused some header are on some off.

    Ive updated the rgb awile back, im not sure if there has been anymore fw flashs for thr rgb, at the time there was a post on here, but I got mine from gigabyte e-support and have reported this to them. But they wanted a video.
    It's like I'm doing the work for them. Let alone the other problems I'm getting.

    If you want to hassle gigabyte go here
    sign up, put ya pc info in, an hassle em. I have been just they don't seem to care or be live me.

    At moment I'm waiting on a bios with the rgb fusion on that. But am still waiting.. yet do have a f11c with the rgb just that bios was to glitchy for me I'm using f11e


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      new version


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        Hate to tell you but you're gonna have to reinstall your OS.  The bsod will only get worse.  The rgb fusion software corrupts things.  


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          Yea, sice i had problems related to rgb software i reinstalled my os, and it's part why I haven't hassled gigabyte e support,   as I would need to install the software to test etc, but don't want to as it will prob mess up my os, and it be another os reinstall  


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            running 2004 and rgb fusion without any issues


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              Have RGB fusion running on a B450 prowifi with a clean install of windows 2004 no issues, but ya know clean installs fix all kinds of stuff.