hello. good day. i got a g1 guerilla board here.

quite a lovely x58 board i would say.

besides a big bios bug..

the board received a bios update to support 3tb or larger drives. lovely. right?

well.. the problem is. it only works for one drive...

if i try to boot the system with 2x4tb drives installed. it wil halt on post

it wil get stuck on "verifying dmi pool data"

i also tried disabling the sata 3 controller with no result (the 3tb bios update does not allow the sata 3 ports to accept 4tb drives..)

how can i possibly fix this?

the drives themselves are fine. the system boots fine with 1 drive connected at a time..

the system is currently running the latest bios update you can download

the drives are used for storage only. the system uses a 60gb scratch ssd to boot off a nvme pcie adapter.

but even with the 2 drives only connected. it wil stil freeze. i tried every possible bios settings with no avail

thank you alot in advance for the help