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X570 Aorus Elite Vs Ultra

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  • X570 Aorus Elite Vs Ultra

    Can someone help choosing between these two (Elite VS Ultra). Eilite wifi not available where i live. also Aorus pro comes only in mini ATX which doesn't satisfy me.
    My plan is simple. I need gaming pc with future upgrade possibilities.
    I already bought 2080 super. planing to add gen 4 ssd. also liquid cooler. Going for 3600 c16 g.skill ram. All parts has RGB (except PSU).
    Was thinking to go with 3600x (same price now as 3600). As i don't see much difference in fps from 3700. And those extra 100 i save is spend on better motherboard. Pcie wifi 6 cost about 50-60 where i live. So if i buy Elite card and add Wifi 6 + BT5 it will be around 270 and aorus ultra is about 320 price.
    Is it worth price premium what is differences in term of future upgrades? I would like to buy all good parts to last longer and in future just swap PCU then ryzen 4000 will be available. Will use pp for ultrawide gaming 90% of the time.
    Or i should look into different boards ?