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i9-9900KS vs i9-9900K

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  • i9-9900KS vs i9-9900K

    I have my 9900K overclocked currently at 5.12Ghz. From what I read the KS in Turbo mode will run all cores at 5Ghz. Since I don't use Turbo Boost and I run all cores above 5Gz. would a KS buy me anything? I know it's TDP is 125 vs 95. Do you think that a KS would overclock higher than a K while decreasing the temps of the cores?
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    Re: i9-9900KS vs i9-9900K

    That may very well be. Look at this video, he compares a k and a ks what he could get out of them in terms of oc, voltage and efficiency. Seems like a ks is worth the extra money.

    Intel's i9-9900KS Isn?t Entirely Pointless | Efficiency @ 5.0GHz - YouTube 6:30