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B2 - Legacy Rom Initialization - GA-X99M-Gaming 5

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  • B2 - Legacy Rom Initialization - GA-X99M-Gaming 5

    Anybody got any ideas how to resolve this please?

    GA-X99M-Gaming 5 Revision 1.0

    I cannot get into BIOS due to Q Code B2 which implies a graphics card incompatibility with BIOS.?

    I do not have a white USB connector on my board so I am assuming that I cannot QFlash to update the BIOS.

    I am also assuming that the board is on the original version 1.0 BIOS that it shipped with and needs to be running F22 in order to see my 6800k CPU.

    I have tried inserting a USB stick in to all available USB sockets with the file name changed to Gigabyte.bin and formatted in FAT 32.

    I have tried this method with and without VGA, CPU & one stick of Ram inserted in slot 2 with no luck.

    I have tried selecting different BIOS chips with no luck.

    I have re-seated RAM, changed RAM re-pasted CPU, changed CPU, changed power supplies, used 3 different graphics cards that work in other machines all without success.

    The board is outside of the case on the original packaging and has no disk drives or auxiliary devices attached. Just CPU, 1 stick of RAM and a GPU.

    At best I get a black screen with a VGA signal but most of the time I get no signal and it always display Q Code B2.

    If I remove the graphics card I get a couple of different codes which suggest it's looking for an O.S. or cannot detect a VGA card.

    If I remove the Ram and or the CPU, the board starts and then shuts down 3 or 4 seconds later with no Q code displayed.

    My video cards are an older 256mb card, an Nvidia GTX285, an Nvidia 670 and a Gigabyte 1080.

    All give the same code and the same lack of any display.

    How on earth do I update this board without being able to get in to BIOS please.

    I have spent hours and hours on this with no positive result and am now out of ideas and options.

    The board displays no Q code errors and appears to give a successful RAM count to 99 before settling on B2 - Legacy ROM Option Initialization.

    thank you ...

    Product Info
    GA-X99M-Gaming 5 Revision 1.0)
    BIOS Ver: unknown
    Serial No: 160300065198
    Model: 1080
    CPU Model: i7-6800
    CPU Part No.: SR2PD-3.4
    Operating System: Win 10 64-bit
    RAM: Corsair - 8GB SINGLE STICK - Part No.: CMK8GX4M1A2400C16
    Power Supply: Corsair 850i

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    Re: B2 - Legacy Rom Initialization - GA-X99M-Gaming 5

    B2 - Legacy Option ROM initialization.
    Board ship with BIOS that is available at the time of manufacturing, you should be able to extract it from the serial number I think, not sure exactly how.
    What is the history of this board? Is this a new build?