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TMPIN 4 &5 hot in idle, very hot in load

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  • TMPIN 4 &5 hot in idle, very hot in load

    Hi guys,

    I have a Gigabyte B450M DSH3-CF and a Ryzen 7 2700x , stock cooler, running a mild oc to 4.1Ghz, on 1.32v from bios. PBO is enabled, ram is running in XMP 3000Mhz and everything else is left on auto.

    TMPIN4 & TMPIN5 are suspiciously toasty both in idle and after 20 mins

    These 2 sensors are supposed to be the mosfets (4) and Soc (5) , or at least that's what HW Info thinks but not sure since I cannot find any sensor info in the board's manual.

    CPU does 30c idle / 83c max on load
    TMPIN4 does 44c idle / 115c and climbing on load
    TMPIN5 does 49c in idle / 79c load, relatively stable there

    I'm guessing these are not normal operating temps. Any ideas? Thanks guys.

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    Re: TMPIN 4 &5 hot in idle, very hot in load

    They may not be calibrated, HWiNFO has no way to know, if GIGABYTE monitoring software does not show them you should probably not worry about it.
    You can measure the temperature in other ways (e.g IR thermometer) to see if they make any sense.