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G1 Assassin 2 x79 Windows 10 Audio

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  • G1 Assassin 2 x79 Windows 10 Audio


    I'm here looking for any possible help that I can get with an issue I'm having. I have a Gigabyte G1 Assassin 2 x79 motherboard and Windows 10 drivers were never officially released for it. That being said there is a small workaround that has worked in the past by installing third-party drivers, IE. DanielK or PAX as well as 3 registry files that let the system know that you do indeed have a Creative product on my motherboard.

    The issue is while I had issues getting the audio drivers installed and Creative software working in the past, around the time I first migrated to Windows 10, I decided to reinstall Windows 10 Pro 1903 since the May update and have not been able to get my computer to use the correct Creative driver with my speakers at all, or open any of the Creative software. I am able to install all of the drivers and software but anytime I do install the drivers from Creative my speakers disappear in the sound control panel, and become hidden in Device Manager. The only way I've managed to get any sound at all is to uninstall all Creative drivers and software and let Windows use the generic High Definition Audio Device drivers.

    I've tried installing/using DanielK, PAX, and even the old stock Win 7 drivers from Gigabyte to no avail.

    Anyone have any recommendations or suggestions to possibly get my audio working properly?


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    Re: G1 Assassin 2 x79 Windows 10 Audio

    Does anyone know of anyway to stop windows from reinstalling the built in Creative drivers after I uninstall them via device manager and reboot so that I can have sound?