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Gigabyte g1 gaming ga z170x gaming 7 (Temperatures Question, 6700K Stock) HELP Please!

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  • Gigabyte g1 gaming ga z170x gaming 7 (Temperatures Question, 6700K Stock) HELP Please!

    So I own a Gigabyte g1 gaming ga z170x gaming 7 and I love it. After trying an MSI Z170 SLI PLUS I must say that I Like the Gigabyte Board better. I love the looks and I love the Audio it produces with the software.

    My question is I am running a 6700K at Stock Voltages with XMP ON RAM at 2400Mhz but I've had temperature issues for a while, pretty much since I bought the board actually. I've read and heard 50/50 of people who had no issues and the other 50% who claim similar issues I am having.

    I am using the Cryorig M9i but its sufficient as I don't plan on doing any overclocking and running everything at stock. Problem is just from Gaming my temperatures reach 73c and again yes that's running all stock except XMP on RAM. If I run RealBench for 15 or 30 minutes my temperatures MAX at 78c which isn't terrible quiet frankly but its still a bit high for Stock.

    I am aware that I could invest on a higher end Cooler or even an AIO pump but I plan on keeping my Cryorig M9i for now. I just feel like these temperatures are a bit over the Best Normal Limit. And yes I also do understand that these temperatures are nothing to worry about or be concerned about and they are perfectly fine. But I am asking other Owners of the Gigabayte G1 Z170 Gaming 7 Board if they can share their Temperatures under load, during stress test and gaming so I can have a comparison Idea. It would help me a whole lot.

    I am actually going to return this MSI Z170 SLI PLUS board this week and just keep the Gigabyte G1 Z170 Gaming 7 Board, I am starting to love it despite the higher temperature readings.

    So if any of you users and owners of the same board could share your results and experiences it would help me a whole lot.

    NOTE: I have dealt with the BIOS issues known with this Board, but this has being resolved for now and I am using the latest BIOS available on Gigabyte Website.
    Look forward to the replies.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: Gigabyte g1 gaming ga z170x gaming 7 (Temperatures Question, 6700K Stock) HELP Please!

    so i have this motherboard and i use a 120mm aio from nzxt and my max cpu temp no matter what is about 53 degrees celcius. so yours deff seems a little all depends on the case your using and the cooler...have you replaced your thermal compound? or is it what came with the cooler, or old? what case do you have and what air flow orientation is your fans on