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GA-7PESH2 (1.0) wont Power Up

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  • pbrizzo
    Re: GA-7PESH2 (1.0) wont Power Up

    This is an old question but you never got an answer. I too have the exact same problem. How exactly did you flash the bios? Did you use the AFUDOS program off a freedos boot disk? Thats how I think it was suppose to be done. I did the exact same thing as you. I got the same "Successful"!! but when I went to reboot, nothing happened. Just black screen. Green sas chip never flashed agai.

    1) You can buy a bios chip pre programmed off of a number of sites with the R17 version of the bios already installed on it. This board has removable bios chips.
    2) Ive heard read you can do some wierd totally risky thing if you have another 7pesh2 around. You swap chips at a certain time during boot and swap them back and ......!!!!
    3) Use the IMPI port to log in and get in that way somehow.

    If youre still around and want more info I have some but not much. Its been hard to find for this board. I happen to have a second 7pesh2 and use it regularly but I would really like to get the bricked one running correctly.

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  • Jedrek
    started a topic GA-7PESH2 (1.0) wont Power Up

    GA-7PESH2 (1.0) wont Power Up


    Got an GA-7PESH2 Mainboard with an Xeon 2620 v1 CPU in it
    Tried to update the MB to current Bios R17
    It said earasing, writing and validating the Blocks successful.
    But then the .bat threw syntax errors.
    Now when I try to Power Up the Mainboard the BMC Led only lights green and does not flash. So according to the manual it stays at initializing.
    Any chance to get the MB working again?
    It wont let me power on to Access the Bios

    Best Regards