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Z170X Gaming 3 - Help with LLC and Offset on i7 6700K

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  • Z170X Gaming 3 - Help with LLC and Offset on i7 6700K


    BIOS F22f
    4.5ghz stable under all games, OCCT, RealBench etc.

    As I understand it, this board's adaptive voltage is when you set to 'normal'.
    BIOS shows 1.30V under 'Normal' with my OC

    I have LLC set to High with DVID of +0.025
    I tried with the DVID to 0.000 and LLC High but windows crashed.
    Max voltage in OCCT is 1.39, but mostly always at 1.380

    Voltage idling is anywhere from 0.912 to 1.356 but usually in the 1.2-1.332 range.

    I tried using LLC Standard but Windows crashes under OCCT.
    I have not tried Auto.

    I'm a little confused by LLC - from what I've read it should stabilize the Vcore at what you want it to be under load?
    So why does it spike up to 1.39 when it only has a +0.025v DVID and a 'Normal' adaptive of 1.300v?

    I've heard of people using negative DVID values, but not sure if I could do that since I am not stable at 'Normal' 1.30v and 0.000 DVID?
    I've also heard of people manually setting their Vcore/DVID instead of using adaptive (Normal) but not sure how best to go about this?
    I have had 4.6Ghz stable but was seeing voltages up to 1.42, which I am not happy to run 24/7.

    Ideally I would like to have lower voltages, but mainly I am just trying to understand how this works as it's very different from Asus/ASRock boards.

    I feel that Gigabyte's LLC implementation is not so good, far too aggressive etc?

    Appreciate any guidance on this.

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    Re: Z170X Gaming 3 - Help with LLC and Offset on i7 6700K

    Bump......does anyone from Gigabyte even bother to look at this forum?
    I mean you have a sticky with a bunch of 'fanfare' around the introduction of an actual dedicated Gigabyte person to help.

    What was the point of that if questions are essentially ignored?
    Seems to be a running trend in this forum.