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GA-Z77-D3H Rev. 1.1 Motherboard

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  • GA-Z77-D3H Rev. 1.1 Motherboard

    The computer I bought in Dec. 2012 stopped booting last year 2017 April. The dealer said they couldn't repair. He sold me another brand name computer. I tried the Gigabyte resources. They say they do not have components to repair. As a last resort, I am trying to repair. I tried many methods suggested over the internet. Nothing worked. As a last resort, I removed both bios chips from the motherboard.

    Now I am looking for preprogrammed bios chips for both chips. I am wondering whether they are identical after programming and interchangeable in the positions in the motherboard as main and backup. The stores do not say these chips are for main or backup. I need advice from tech support.