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Gigabyte Z97P-D3 with Xeon1231v3 MCE Bios Mod

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  • Gigabyte Z97P-D3 with Xeon1231v3 MCE Bios Mod

    Hello there,

    First of all, a bit of backstory incoming of what I want to achieve:
    I am running the Gigabyte Z97P-D3 board coupled with the Xeon1231v3, a locked chip. I want to run my CPU on its max turbo clocks even when all cores are active.

    I did a lot or researching and it seems like the BIOS of my mainboard is updated too far to make this possible. I am currently running the F8 bios (sadly on both the regular and my backup bios), but I managed to mod it with the Intel Microcode Version 7 to be able to change the clock multipliers for the base and turbo clocks up to 38. I managed to get my CPU to run @3.8ghz when windows is running and on light gaming, as soon as I start Prime95, the CPU clocks back to its stock 3.4ghz (Turbo for when all cores/threads are under load). I figured that might be due do some other limitations of my Bios version, so I wanted to downgrade that. Given that Gigabyte doesnt let you do that after certain update versions, I found out that I had to use the "FPT" (Flash Program Tool) to revert to an earlier Bios. I have searched for half the day now but I can't make that utility work properly, I am getting the error that "FPT cannot run on this plattform". Whenever I am finding the FPT tool anywhere its either for the Z170 or Z87 boards.

    Now my questions:
    Does my plan to set the "Allcore Turbo" to 3.8x even work with the earliest possible (F3) Bios version?
    If yes, how do I make the FPT work for my Z97 board, given that I have already formated my USB Flash drive to Fat32 with MSDOS working and bootable?
    Which Bios Version would you recommend to achieve what I want to do? I read it should be possible with F3 and F4 bios, but I cant find solid evidence of anyone managing to do so with my exact Board.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: I made some progress sincei posted this. Managed to downgrade my BIOS to version F3 by using the program FPT provided in "Intel ME System Tools V9.1 r1". Running a modded F4 bios with Intel Microcode 7 now, and BCLK overclocked my system to a stable 3915mhz on all cores. I'd realy like to hit that 4ghz, just for the sake of it, but 105.5mhz on BCLK doesnt run stable anymore. Any tips regarding that one? And does anybody know which would be the newest Bios version that still supports the overclocking on my Xeon (Or any non-K CPU)?

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    Re: Gigabyte Z97P-D3 with Xeon1231v3 MCE Bios Mod

    Hi NFS,

    Glad to see you got this sorted, good work. I've been searching for a way myself to do this very thing on the same mobo. I think I'm almost there, found how to use MMTool and FPT to modify and flash bios but, unlike you, I can't seem to find an old enough version of the microcode to patch with anywhere (oldest I can find is v9 which doesn't seem to do the trick). Seems Gigabyte, Asus and others may have been doing a sweep of bios downloads containing the required microcode.

    Can you tell me where you got the microcode from or link a copy of the bios rom please?


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      Re: Gigabyte Z97P-D3 with Xeon1231v3 MCE Bios Mod

      [CITA = Yella; 508347] Hola NFS, me

      alegra ver que tienes este buen trabajo ordenado. He estado buscando una manera de hacer esto en el mismo mobo. Creo que casi estoy allí, descubrí cómo usar MMTool y FPT para modificar y actualizar la BIOS, pero, a diferencia de usted, parece que no puedo encontrar una versión lo suficientemente antigua del microcódigo para parchear en ninguna parte (la más antigua que puedo encontrar es la v9 que no parece hacer el truco). Parece que Gigabyte, Asus y otros pueden haber estado haciendo un barrido de descargas de biografías que contienen el microcódigo requerido.

      ¿Puede decirme de dónde obtuvo el microcódigo o vincular una copia de la ROM de BIOS por favor? [/ QUOTE]

      Hola Yella
      Estoy interesado en el mod de la placa, ¿podría darme alguna información o enlaces?