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My recent pc building does not boot, reboot loop

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  • My recent pc building does not boot, reboot loop

    Hello all,
    Recently arrived all the components I bought for doing my first pc building. The parts are:

    - Gigabyte H110M S2H (REV 1.0, supprts intel 7th generation)
    - Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400MHz 8GB 2x4GB CL14 (CMK8GX4M2A2400C14)
    - i5 7400
    - Zalman ZM500-TX 500W 80 Plus

    This is the main part, but I got a MSI ARMOR RX 470, an ASUS AC56 as wireless adaptor...

    The problem I have is that when I start the computer all fans and MOBO led responds well (Apparently), but after like...5-7 seconds computer turns off and automatically turns on again, and the same thing repeats until I finally turn off the computer. I'm very worried about it. I have to add that the same thing happens WITH and WITHOUT ram inserted. I never see BIOS, screen is always black.

    Also hace noticed that with only 24 pin connector the computer seems to maintain ON. But when I connect the 8 pin in ATX 12V appear the problem I've explained.

    Also, if the RAM is not in the board I can listen 5 "BEEP", but if I install the RAM none BEEP is made. On both cases reboot loop happens.

    Tomorrow I will receive new mobo+ram+PSU, and will try with these components.

    a lot guys.

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    Re: My recent pc building does not boot, reboot loop

    Have you checked the pins in the cup socket? I had just one pin out of alignment and did same reboot cycle you have