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DualBios implementation questions regarding the Z170X Gaming 7 MB

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  • DualBios implementation questions regarding the Z170X Gaming 7 MB

    Iíve owned many computers, but Iím in the process of building my first pc. I have all the components except the cpu (i7-6700k). While I wait for it to be delivered, Iíve been trying to educate myself.

    Iíll want to update the bios immediately after the first successful post. In researching how DualBios functionality is implemented on the Z170X G7, I have some unanswered questions.

    Hereís what I do know:
    There are 2 bios firmware copies stored on the mb: a main and a backup. The main copy can be flashed manually (via Q-Flash) but not the backup. There is a switch on the mb to enable DualBios functionality or disable it (SINGLE Bios mode). The switch is set to enable DualBios by default. At some point in the boot process the firmware decides to copy the main bios to the backup and in the event of a severe problem during the boot process, the main bios is replaced with the backup automatically.

    Here are my questions and assumptions:
    The main and backup bios copies come preloaded with same firmware (most likely F4 or earlier) or as part of the 1st post the main is copied to the backup.

    With the flashing of a new firmware and the switch set to DUAL will the backup be populated with the new or the previous firmware once the new firmware has booted successfully?

    Iím assuming if new firmware is flashed with the switch set to SINGLE, the main bios will contain the new firmware and the backup bios will contain the previous firmware. If this is true, it would be easier to recover from a severe problem with the new firmware that might occur or be discovered later.

    When or under what conditions is the backup over written?

    Can the backup be restored to the main under user control?

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    Re: DualBios implementation questions regarding the Z170X Gaming 7 MB

    I was really hoping someone with some info would jump in here. I also wonder exactly how the DUAL BIOS systems works.


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      Re: DualBios implementation questions regarding the Z170X Gaming 7 MB

      I was hoping the same. I got excited when there was finally a first (your) response. I suppose it's a good there have been so many views, indicating there is a reasonable interest level in this motherboard and its architecture on this forum.

      Next week I will have my i7-6700k and will begin my build. I'll be Q-Flashing a more recent bios and I'll pay special attention to the DualBios area. If I find the answers to any of my questions, I'll certainly post them.


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        Re: DualBios implementation questions regarding the Z170X Gaming 7 MB

        The way Dual Bios works on my Z170X SOC Force board, when the switch is in Dual Bios Mode is as follows :

        1) The main bios is the only bios you can update manually, you cannot update the backup bios at all. Have tried the Alt F10 key combinations etc, that are meant to allow you to update the backup bios, but they did not work. In the manual of the Z170X SOC, it clearly states that you cannot update the backup bios manually for system safety. When you update the bios, it updates both the main bios and the backup bios with the new bios.
        2) It then runs off the main bios and automatically copies the backup bios to the main bios at the next system reboot, when the main bios has become corrupt or from incorrect overclocking settings.

        I'm assuming that all Dual Bios boards operate the same way.


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          Re: DualBios implementation questions regarding the Z170X Gaming 7 MB

          Thanks for your input. Gigiabyte's high end Z170 motherboards (SOC Force and G1) have the same SB Dual/Single bios switch as the Gaming 7, but the high end boards have an additional switch (BIOS_SW) to set which Bios (main or backup) to use on the next reboot.

          Your description of how the Dual setting works is how I interpreted the explanation in the Gaming 7 manual. What is not explained is how Single mode (setting 2 on the SB switch) works. I can see some value in having two different bios versions on board (main = latest version and backup = previous version). Then with the BIOS_SW switch on your board could control which bios to use.

          I'm assuming that even with Single set on the Gaming 7 the backup bios will take over if the main bios becomes corrupted and that Single mode only controls if a newly flashed bios is copied to the backup automatically.

          On the high end boards the use of the backup/main bios is at the user's discretion, as well as when the main/backup becomes corrupted.

          Hopefully, the UEFI Bios on the Gaming 7 indicates which bios versions are in the main and backup positions.


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            Re: DualBios implementation questions regarding the Z170X Gaming 7 MB

            The UEFI Bios does not tell you or show you what bios version is in the backup bios. It only shows you the version of the bios that is currently active.

            As for Single Mode Bios, from what I read in the manual, once you set it to single mode then depending on whether the bios switch is set to load from either the main or backup bios, is the bios you will be running on.
            It doesn't say anything about what happens if you try to do a bios update when you are booting off the backup bios, so don't know if it will still update the main bios only or will it update the backup bios since you are running it off.

            From what I interpret of the manual, I think that if you are in Single mode bios and your bios gets corrupted, it will not automatically copy from the other bios. I think you will have to manual change the switch on the board to the other bios or go back to Dual Bios mode.

            To be honest though, I just leave mine in dual bios mode and haven't had any issues, and when I have overclocked too far and the bios has stuffed up, it automatically just restores from the backup bios to the main bios on the next reboot and your good to go.


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              Re: DualBios implementation questions regarding the Z170X Gaming 7 MB

              --GIGABYTE--DUAL BIOS WEB