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    With my previous system (Gigabyte P55-UD4P with i5-750), I used a little utility called CPU Tweaker that allowed me to change my memory timings from within Windows, which was quite a bit faster than having to go into the BIOS to experiment with different values. Once I found the set of optimum values, I recorded them and entered them into the memory timings area of the BIOS. Unfortunately, CPU Tweaker doesn't work with the Z68/i5-2500K.

    I happened to be nosing around on the Asus website and saw that they have a utility called MemTweakIt. I downloaded and installed it, and it works with my Z68XP-UD4 motherboard and CPU. It has similar functionality to CPU Tweaker.

    So, for any of you that are wanting to tweak your memory settings the easy way, head on over to the Asus site and download MemTweakIt.
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