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GIGABYTE Modified Bios

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  • zotune
    Re: GIGABYTE Modified Bios

    Hi, I have the GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3.

    I was using the official beta U1L(UEFI BIOS) for a while, but when I got an NVIDIA 980 from MSI, it wouldn't boot (stuck on splash screen).

    So I had to revert to the non-UEFI F12 BIOS. I contacted GIGABYTE support and they responded with the following:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Vhcet63.png
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    Is there any way this can be resolved with a modified BIOS?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    I'd also like to add that I find those Etron EJ168 USB3 ports useless.
    After installing the custom drivers, I usually get blue screens or computer starts freezing. USB 3 devices often don't even work.

    Kind regards
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  • wowka
    Re: GIGABYTE Modified Bios

    Please, can someone tell how to modify the BIOS F9 GA-Z87X-D3H (rev. 1.x), SLIC 2.1 to work correctly. If further modifications and firmware utility writes that are out of sync RSDT and XSDT

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  • Ghostearth
    Re: GIGABYTE Modified Bios

    Originally posted by coderEx64 View Post
    @Ghostearth, can you re-upload GA-X79-UD3 F20 mod sandy rev3 please, mediafire reports that link is no longer valid.
    This is a updated one (SandyBridge), i use it actually : (soon there is a other one, but UBU is still in beta)
    F20 MOD8
    CRC32: 369940B3
    MD5: 697AF462D5EF500BF5461E62AAFA0121
    SHA-1: 28D727FDF064B2CD275F840125EEC59CD865AFFC

    Intel RAID for SATA
    Intel UEFI SataDriver
    Intel RSTe RAID for SATA (V4 bug)
    Intel RSTe EFI SataDriver (V4 bug)
    Orom Marvell 88SE9192
    EFI Marvell SATA RAID
    Intel Boot Agent GE 1.5.70
    Intel UNDI EFI
    Latest Intel Microcodes
    ME Firmware
    *Upgrade ME firmware yourself to
    Modified splash logo 2


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  • 65Cobra
    Re: GIGABYTE Modified Bios

    I've been running my GA-Z77X-UD4H Motherboard for a couple years without any problems since installing the F3a Modified BIOS. I ran into a problem when I upgraded the RAID1 drives connected to the Marvell 88SE91XX (9172) GSATA ports. One of the drives kept dropping out even though it formatted and initialized fine. I since moved the drives to the Intel ports and started using Windows 8.1 software RAID.

    Not that any of the above matters at this point, but while searching for a solution I found multiple posts on Fernando’s Win-RAID Forum claiming the BIOS Update for the Marvell controller (included with the F3a Modified BIOS) is actually OLDER than the BIOS that came with the motherboard. They said it was dated prior to 0027 and the version number was really and not I have no clue if this is true, or if it had anything to do with my problem, but even if it didn't I thought it was important enough to mention here so someone can possibly verify this.

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  • coderEx64
    Re: GIGABYTE Modified Bios

    Originally posted by Ghostearth View Post

    F20 Sandy :

    F20 mod sandy rev3

    CRC32: B03EC8BD
    MD5: EFFC8A72428E5B855C1898314E4A8D08
    SHA-1: 244DEA85FAA7EF84E54DFA5AA71BB0E51221E941

    @Ghostearth, can you re-upload GA-X79-UD3 F20 mod sandy rev3 please, mediafire reports that link is no longer valid.

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