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GA-G1975X motherboard turbofans

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  • GA-G1975X motherboard turbofans

    Since Gigabyte does not carry the replacement parts for the GA-G1975X turbofan assemblies because the board is 3 1/2 years old from the manufactures date .... does anyone have a good solution to replace these fans out?

    The northbridge should be pretty easy ... but the coverage for the rest of the components is more of a challenge. The fan tubes only have enough plastic to allow a aftermarket fan replacement to be secured in one end ... as far as I can see.

    So has anyone been successful in accomplishing this other than with a liquid cooled solution?

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    Re: GA-G1975X motherboard turbofans

    Put on one of these, I used to use one and it moves some pretty good air across the whole board, but it is on the loud side, not bad just not quite
    PROVANTAGE: Gigabyte Technology GH-PDU21-MF G-Power Cooler Pro Processor Cooler- ( Socket A, Socket 478, Socket 754, Socket 775

    This also look nice, but I have not used it myself, but it is the update to the one I linked
    Gigabyte GH-PSU23-PB G-Power II Pro CPU Cooler - Case Mods, Cases, Power Supplies, and Cooling for Home Theater and Gaming Systems

    In Black :: Fans and...

    All of those are also on Ebay as well, if you Ebay.

    As for directly replacing the fans in them, if that is what you meant? You may be able to do that with 30-40MM fans, not sure as I have not physically looked at or held one of those boards for a while.

    But in General all you need is ANY NB Heatsink with a fan such as ThermalTake Extreme Spirit II, or use that heatsink and just add a 40MM fan on top of it. And for the CPU any CPU Fan that blows downward air would also blow air across the Mosfet heatsinks if you are worried about them. So you have plenty of options really. I would just get a nice NB Heatsink maybe by Enzotech and any CPU Heatsink/fan combo and you will be good to go.

    You may also want to just think about a new board as the price of both of those items together and you could get a new P35 board anyway if you wanted. Just thinking out loud.

    Sorry, I could not find you a cheap/dead board you could just take the fans off of, and I could not find the actual part either. I may have some luck if you can give me the part #, but not too likely


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      Re: GA-G1975X motherboard turbofans

      Thanks for the input, it has stimulated a direction to go... I have a Zalman CNPS7000C-Cu on the processor now.

      I think I will change out the Northbridge heat sink with one that has a good fan on it. I have a couple of Corsair DOMINATOR Airflow Memory fan units and I will put one on the memory and replace out two of the fans on the front of the boomtube with some good 40MM fans I will have to cut off the rear ones as there is nothing there that will fit there. Hopefully it will be enough to keep the Mosfet heatsinks cool.

      I just am bummed because I thought the spare parts for the board would be available for a little while. And woe onto the person that can't or is afraid to mod this thing.
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        Re: GA-G1975X motherboard turbofans

        Sounds like a good plan. I used to see the part listed now and again on ebay, so keep a eye out there you may find one, or a dead board you could get cheap.

        That Zalman should keep your mosfets plenty cool, or you could alway use these instead. They are GREAT, superb copper. Then your CPU fan would for sure cool them just fine >>>
        Enzotech MOS-C1 Forged Copper Mosfet Heatsinks - Multi-Pack (10 pcs)