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GA-EP45-DS3L C4E problems?

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  • GA-EP45-DS3L C4E problems?

    I'm using the above board with the F10 BIOS (applied in the correct method, flash, applied optimised settings, save, restart, change settings to personal preference).

    What I'm finding is that attempting to use C4E results in the following logged in Windows:

    Idle power management features on processor 0 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware.

    Idle power management features on processor 1 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware.

    Using C2E works fine. However, I have an Intel E8600 (Wolfdale 45nm 3.33Ghz) which supports C4E mode (65nm did not). Anyone else experienced this problem?

    I've logged a ticket with Gigabyte though I'm not hopeful of a fix.
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    Re: GA-EP45-DS3L C4E problems?

    Do you have all the other options enabled? C1E, EIST and so on?

    I am not so sure myself about all this energy saving as I am a overclocker, so just trying to toss ideas at you I guess. I have seen similar questions before, not sure which state was asked about but I am pretty sure it was the same. And I can't find the thread either as it was a while back.

    Gigabyte Tech should for sure get back to you about this, please do post here what they reply. Thanks

    If you want to give me a quick rundown on how I can check my board to see if this works please do and I will for you just for a reference. I assume enable them in the BIOS of course, but just wanted to be sure if I need to put the board to sleep or what? Sorry, like I said I am a overclocker so by default all of this is disabled on my setups


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      Re: GA-EP45-DS3L C4E problems?

      C1E and EIST default to Enabled and I have them as such, C4E doesn't become available until you enable C2E.

      I don't know to what extent it is a problem.

      Boot Windows Vista with C4E enabled and open Event Viewer and then drill into the Administrative Alert log (found under Custom Logs). You will have an Alert from the Kernel-Processer-Power source which gives you the warnings in my post, one for each core.

      If you're using XP... I don't know whether it would log that error, or even if the problem would exist.

      What I am unsure of is whether this means all idle management features are disabled (SpeedStep seems to work fine) or it is just informing me that some idle management features are not working i.e. C4E isn't working, but C2E is.

      Certainly it doesn't prevent the computer from sleeping or resuming, but I don't have any methods for measuring power draw to take it further. As it's getting a log entry something is wrong, but as I said, I don't know if that's an indiciation that when C4E is on Windows is telling me C4E isn't working, or whether C4E is preventing other power management features from working as Windows culls them to prevent issues.

      I'll let you know what Gigabyte say, I'll also see if I can get a response on the Microsoft forums as to which of the above interpretations applies to this error.
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        Re: GA-EP45-DS3L C4E problems?

        Ok, I will check this out over the next few days myself. Please do post if you get a answer about the above from either source.

        I can say though, some events are logged in vista and are not actual issue as they seem to be, such as Kerberos server errors which are ERRORS and not just warnings in several areas of the event logs. Looked that one up myself not long ago and found Microsoft blowing this off as "Not a Error" as you can see here. >>>
        Event ID 15016 appears in the System log after you install Windows Vista SP1 in a workgroup

        So maybe this is not a error actually, or maybe it means something along the lines of what you described above? I will let you know if I get the same issues present on my board


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          Re: GA-EP45-DS3L C4E problems?

          Hi all,
          I think this was the thread about C4E error message (post #7 -->),
          but the system works fine (no stability/standby/hybernation issue)

          Same error with Vista SP2 beta, no solution or usefull response from
          Gigabyte tech service.



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            Re: GA-EP45-DS3L C4E problems?

            Nothing from the Microsoft forums yet but Gigabyte first checked that F9 had the same issue and now are trying (and failing) to duplicate it, but they're working off a base BIOS with the setting and I'm not, so I'll be duplicating their test then adding my settings one by one until I get the issue again.

            I already have some suspicions.


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              Re: GA-EP45-DS3L C4E problems?

              Same thing with GA-EP45-UD3R. There are error logs exactly as mentioned when C4E is enabled in the bios. Disabling this setting stops the errors.
              Using a E8400 in this case. I am still reading some more about it.


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                Re: GA-EP45-DS3L C4E problems?

                Same here UD3P(F4 bios), I always have C4E enabled and just checked the logs. Same error, 1 for each core(Q9650).

                From my Kill-A-watt meter I notice no power reduction after C1E, meaning C2E/C4E dont show any different than just C1E(along with EIST of course)

                From my Log it appears to be random, I have the error on 3/10/09, 3/09/09, 3/04/09. Only 3 occurrences at different times/dates.

                S3 sleep works fine here also.
                New Q9650, Gigabyte UD3P, 4GB OCZ Platinum, Asus TOP 4850, Antec TP3 550W, Vista 64 SP1/XP SP3.



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                  Re: GA-EP45-DS3L C4E problems?

                  The error will be logged after each restart of Vista. Those are the dates you restarted the OS.

                  Do you also get the HttpEvent error 15016 Kerberos? (this is not related to C4E).
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                    Re: GA-EP45-DS3L C4E problems?

                    The kerberos error is normal and you can safely ignore the error message unless you are on a domain.

                    It's simply reporting it cannot locate kerberos, which would require a
                    domain >>>

                    Microsoft KB 949213 Article
                    Event ID 15016 appears in the System log after you install Windows Vista SP1 in a workgroup

                    Technet Report/Article
                    Event ID 15016 HTTP Service Authentication

                    You can stop this error thru the registry if you are bothered by it >>
                    HttpEvent ID 15016 - Page 2 - Microsoft Windows Vista Community Forums - Vistaheads

                    The first few posts of that same thread also show another way to disable the issue >>
                    HttpEvent ID 15016 - Microsoft Windows Vista Community Forums - Vistaheads

                    But as stated, it is normal and can be ignored
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