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GA-p35c-ds3r boot up keyboard mouse and memory problem

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  • GA-p35c-ds3r boot up keyboard mouse and memory problem


    Well i got bunch of problems with this board. Let me begin with the hardware description.

    put in following 4gb of ocz ram [...] al_channel

    have a ati 1950pro.
    put in core 2 E6550

    using usb keyboard and wireless mouse (also usb) [...] px?pid=043 [...] 93260.html

    sata hard drive and ide dvd burner

    and finally 485W enermax psu. [...] cts_id=110

    Well initially i was getting stuck at welcome screen. I tracked the problem back to one of the ram stick. apparently fourth stick is not working or causing the crash. Now i dont know that if the fourth stick is bad or board just dont wanna take the four ram modules. I will find that out tonight.

    With three sticks, the board has started booting. but the problem is that my keyboard and mouse dont work at all. I dont have any functionality of keyboard from welcome screen to the startup of windows.

    I dont know how to check the bios version as i dont even get a chance to see the post screen.

    So my questions are
    - how do i get the keyboard working?
    - if the fourth module of ram is ok then how do i get the motherboard to work with 4 modules?
    - Where do i get the F3 version of bios? (e6550 is supported by this version of bios).
    - It looks like some keyboard related problem is fixed in F4. should i use this version of bios.
    - MOBO is still covered with store warranty. Should i just return it or flash it with new version of bios?

    -And finally, with keyboard not working how I am going to flash MOBO with new bios?

    Thanks for all the help...................

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    Re: GA-p35c-ds3r boot up keyboard mouse and memory problem

    This is a new install of Windows I assume? Silly question: How did you install Windows without the use of the keyboard? Are you able to test with a ps2 mouse and keyboard? Pressing the "del" key when you boot up should get you into the bios if your keyboard is seen by the computer at all.


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      Re: GA-p35c-ds3r boot up keyboard mouse and memory problem

      Yep PS2 till you get up and running, also if this is vista only have 2 gigs installed till windows is updated with the fix for 3 gigs or more.


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        Re: GA-p35c-ds3r boot up keyboard mouse and memory problem

        well thanks guys for your reply.

        I have strange problem and even stranger solution. I reinstalled the windows xp, this time with service pack 2. I installed logitech drivers etc. And behold, everything is working perfectly. But....... and its a big but, my system needs to heat up before it can boot. what i mean is this:

        I boot up like 100 times before before i can get to welcome screen.When it gets to welcome screen, it freezes. I have to boot up another 10 or 15 times times before i can get to post. Once in post, it boots up and windows comes up. No problem from here on. Doesnt matter how many times i boot, it will boot properly. No hick ups or freezes of any kind. Until i turn of the computer for the night and go to sleep. Next evening, same procedure of 100 times boot attempts and then freezes at welcome screen and then proper boot in couple of attempts. after that it will boot and work fine ........ again.

        This thing is happening consistantly since i put the system together. I did not notice it before but i realized just last night that my pc have this routine.

        So like a car in winter, I need to heat up the mobo before it can work. Any idea? any suggestion?

        Could it be that my mobo needs an RMA?


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          Re: GA-p35c-ds3r boot up keyboard mouse and memory problem

          No expert here but my first thought is the PSU. Although the Enermax you have should do the job you may have gotten unlucky and got a faulty one. That many attemped boots has got to be causing a great deal of stress on some components and may start blowing out other parts.