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GA-P35-DS3L, system fans don't spin

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  • GA-P35-DS3L, system fans don't spin

    I've got a problem with the new GA-P35-DS3L (rev. 2) board I just bought for a new system I'm building. I'm using the DS3L, a Thermaltake Armor case, Patriot ram, an Intel E6750 Core2 Duo, a ZeroTherm Nirvana NV120 CPU fan, an SATA 2 Western Digital drive and an 8800GT. My power supply is an OCZ (I think. I'm not at home) 500W power supply.

    The cpu fan has a separate throttle that you plug the fan power into, and then you plug the throttle power into the cpu fan pins on the motherboard. I connected my cpu fan this way and connected two of my case fans to the SYSFAN1 and SYSFAN2 pins on the motherboard.

    When I first put everything together and powered up, none of the fans that were plugged into the motherboard would spin, and none of their LED lights came on. I started unplugging things one at a time and powering up, and it wasn't until I had unplugged everything but the jumper to power it on that the CPU fan came on, but the other fans still just sat there.

    I plugged everything back in, and the CPU fan still worked as long as it was throttled down. If I tried to throttle it up too high, it would fail. I ended up having to take the throttler out entirely and just plug my cpu fan directly into the board. I thought this might be due to the SMART fan setting in the bios turning the fan off, but I've still had the fan shut off even after I disabled it.

    I also still have no power coming out of either of the SYSFAN plugs. I can get my fans to spin if I connect them directly to the power supply instead of to the motherboard, but it makes me nervous that they won't work off the motherboard, and I don't feel comfortable leaving it on if I'm not in the room.

    My power supply has, I believe, 28 amps on the 12V rail and is the only thing besides my dvd drive that I'm bringing over from my old system. It worked great on that system. I don't think the power supply is the problem because the motherboard was still having power problems when the only things connected were the cpu, cpu fan and ram. I can also run everything else, including the video card.

    I haven't been able to find anyone with similar problems on the web, and I wanted to know what you guys thought before I RMA the board back to ClubIT.

    Sorry this is so long. Thanks for making it all the way through.

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    Re: GA-P35-DS3L, system fans don't spin

    48 hour bump.


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      Re: GA-P35-DS3L, system fans don't spin

      Dear JustADingo
      Can you send me a pic of your system,I will try to find the question out.