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x38-dq6 bios updating frustrations

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  • x38-dq6 bios updating frustrations

    OK, so i have the x38-dq6 bios F4, and it seems everyday there is a new bios....not complaing...actually glad that Gigabyte is listening to users

    Main problem...every time i flash my bios, using the Q-flash and a usb drive, i ALWAYS have to open my case and get my paper clip out to short out the CLR CMOS jumper, before i can go into the bios and load the default settings as per the intructions.....the computer will start up and the video card fan spins and the computer shuts down..until the CLR CMOS trick is done and then the bios is updated

    IS there an easier way to do this without CLR CMOS step

    Aside...can Gigabyte not display the "DMI pool data update" screen after the video bios is initialized...ASUS does this...after the video bios is initialized a blank screen leads to the loading windows looks to old school to me



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    Re: x38-dq6 bios updating frustrations

    Dear kali
    abuot you first question as i know you don't really clear your CMOS when you update BIOS. It's still can success for BIOS update. Just link your usb flash to usb port, and press F8 buttom in BIOS, you will get into Q-flash. Than find out your BIOS in usb flash, you can update your bios.

    Or you can try our @bios function, you can find this software out in yuor MB driver CD. It can let you update BIOS under Windows OS, also no need clear your CMOS first.

    And the second question, well the "DMI pool data update" screen, is just let user know what the system do now. Sometimes if we show blank screen after the video bios is initialized, some user will not easy the check the video bios is initialized success or not. they even misunderstanding the system is faild. i wish this is useful for you.

    Thank you


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      Re: x38-dq6 bios updating frustrations


      i can update my bios using a usb drive, that is not the problem...the problem is after the bios is updated and i restart my powers on, i can hear the video card fan come on and then it shuts off again (without the splash screen) it does this over and over again

      I have to unplug the pc, open the case, short the clr cmos pins and then restart the computer

      Is is possible to get rid of the dmi pool data screen anyhow



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        Re: x38-dq6 bios updating frustrations

        Dear Kali

        As I know we will have the function in the featuer.

        Thank you.


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          Re: x38-dq6 bios updating frustrations

          According to manual:
          Step 4:
          Press <Esc> and then <Enter> to exit Q-Flash and reboot the system. As the system boots, you should
          see the new BIOS version is present on the POST screen.
          Step 5:
          During the POST, press <Delete> to enter BIOS Setup. Select Load Optimized Defaults and press
          <Enter> to load BIOS defaults. System will re-detect all peripherals devices after a BIOS update, so we recommend that you reload BIOS defaults.

          According to Q-Flash manual:
          Press Del to enter BIOS menu after system reboots. When you are in BIOS menu,
          move to Load Fail-Safe Defaults item and press Enter to Load BIOS Fail-Safe
          . Normally the system redetects all devices after BIOS has been upgraded.
          Therefore, we highly recommend reloading the BIOS defaults after BIOS has
          been upgraded.

          I am also very confused with Gigabyte instructions
          Btw,latest bios for X38-DQ6 is F6a(beta)
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            Re: x38-dq6 bios updating frustrations

            Ok guys

            Here it is again

            I can use Qflash to update the bios, and after a successful flash, the options are to powerdown or restart the pc

            After restarting the PC, THIS is where the problem is...i DONOT get the opportunity to enter the BIOS once again, as the computer will start up amnd thenn will shut off after a second to two and the cycle continues....I DO NOT get the chance to enter the bios again until i remove my side panel and clear the CMOS pins manually... and then and only then can i enter the BIOS